How-To: Using the PlayFi Web3 Gamer Portal

3 min readJan 3, 2024


The PlayFi Gamer Portal allows users to quickly and easily create a free account, giving them access to play games on over 800 EVM blockchains, all while using the same user profile. Coming 2024.

Partnering with thirdweb, our user abstraction infrastructure is head and shoulders above the competition. Seamless onboarding of gamers and ability to easily earn rewards and cash those rewards out is paramount to the user experience, along with our carbon offsetting program where users will be offsetting carbon as they play games! More to come on that aspect in another article, as it requires a full spread to fully explain our plans.

Always remember to make sure you are visiting and no other URL to ensure your safety and remove the risk of losing any crypto funds. Okay, let's begin!

Below is a detailed run-through of our Portal and how it works and the features it offers in regard to wallet services:

1. Visit the Portal

Visit where you will see our signup page. Enter a username and password and click the “Sign Up” button.

2. Connect Wallet

Now click “Connect Wallet” to connect your existing web3 wallet or create a new smart wallet if you are new to crypto. This will be your Rewards Wallet where all game rewards are distributed.
Choose which wallet you wish to use as your Rewards Wallet.
For this example, we chose Metamask. We accept the connection, and our Rewards Wallet is now “linked”.
Once linked, your Rewards Wallet will be visible in the UI, along with your Username. You can click the wallet button to view more options available to the user.

3. Portal’s Built-In Capabilities

You can send crypto to others from your Rewards Wallet.
Easily transfer blue chip rewards to other wallets from your Rewards Wallet.
You can send BNB, WBNB or BUSD* — — — *soon to be discontinued.
You can also receive funds to your Rewards Wallet.
To receive funds into your Rewards Wallet, you must use a QR code.
Depending on the game, you may need to switch chains.
Once clicked, a menu opens where you can select from PlayFi-compatible chains.
Need to check a transaction? Click “Transaction History”
It opens the BSCScan (or similar) page for your Rewards Wallet so you can verify any transactions.
If multiple people use the same device, you can easily Switch Accounts as well. This allows for ultimate ease when interacting with our games and communities.

4. Linking Your Wallet to Unreal Engine

Lets go ahead and link our Rewards Wallet completely. This sends the wallet address to the database, to be linked with your data in Unreal Engine.
When successfully linked, you will see this screen showing the confirmation text in green. If you have the game running already, you can close this window now and login in-game to begin your experience. Good luck and enjoy!

5. Disconnecting Your Wallet

We know some people do not like leaving wallets connected, so you can click the “Disconnect” icon to quickly cut the connection between your Rewards Wallet and our games. We never see any of your private data, including your password. All we see is a contract address for every user and their username.

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to visit our Telegram for one-on-one help from our Team or a moderator in the chat.

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